Carnival in Sorrento and the Sorrento peninsula

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Sorrento and the whole Peninsula celebrate the craziest party of the year: the Carnival of entertainment and fun with: masquerade balls, music, floats, parades, festivals, confetti, games attracting large and especially children.
Each municipality organizes events related to the celebration of Carnival, every country is colored with joy and fun.
Do not miss the parade of floats of Carnival Terms village of Sorrento, where the streets of downtown light up party for the parade of floats designed and months before the inhabitants of the Terms and villages of Sorrento.
After the parade, in Piazza Santa Croce in Termini, is the festival of Cicerchia with music, masks and tasting of traditional food products.
Chickling from which it takes its name from the festival are tasty chickpeas at the festival are prepared according to the ancient tradition of Neapolitan cuisine: the salad, dressed with oil and lemon, potatoes and pasta.
From the culinary point of view and the Sorrento peninsula will captivate you with local delicacies of this period between which the chatter of Carnival, the Carnival of pizza, the crackers, lasagna and sfogliatelle !!!!



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Sorrento Council and the Official Turist Board, has scheduled the first edition of Autumn Concerts, a festival of classical music , that will held in Sorrento, every week-end from September to December. The art director  asserts: This initiative further enhances

the artistic and cultural program of the city. To promote Classic Music in Sorrento with a series of intervents troughtout every year, by proposing a broad and varied repertoire with a formula easily accesible to most people, constantly not only helps to bring the abituee, but also those who knows a little this kind of music, and that, perhaps, doesn’t love it !!



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In Sorrento, festival of classical music in the fall offers the public a fan of this genre of music in two concerts calendar on 14 and 21 September 2013. The first concert will take place in the room “Charles Di Leva” of the Local Tourist Board of Sorrento and Sorrento and the repertoire will consist of opera arias and Neapolitan classic songs performed by ALESSANDRA KROGH (soprano) and MICHELE MADDALONI (tenor), for the second location was chosen as the Basilica of St. Anthony with a program consisting of sacred music performed by the Laurentian CHORUS oF PERUGIA accompanied by ‘CHAMBER ORCHESTRA oF KIEL


Salvator Dali’ Exibition Sorrento

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The Universe of Dalì

The eccentric and unique artist Salvator Dali’ exhibition reaches Sorrento: Spanish painter, sculptor, writer, moviemaker and designer. The famous sculptures “The Profile of the Time”, “The Cosmic Elephant” and “The Woman among the Flames” with other one hundred works will be held in the suggestive location of Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento from June 14th till September 29th 2013. After the Venice stop, The Dalì Universe, will land to Sorrento and will let you admire a vast series of works: drawings, decorated books, bronze sculptures and objects of design. The exhibition, looked after by Beniamino Levi, will be organized from May 28th and two weeks long it will be open just for the schoolchildren coming from Campania. Besides some monumental statues will be exposed in the main Sorrento squares. The famous sculpture “The Profile of the Time” will be in Andrea Veniero Square while in Angelina Lauro Square you will can be admired a bronze of Tersicore, tall more than three meters, and in Sant’Antonino Square will be the sculpture “The Snail and the Angel“.


Sorrento is preparing to host the third stage of the Tour of Italy

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On 6 May, Sorrento will host the third stage of the Tour of Italy, the city of Tasso lead runners Ascea Marina, engaging in a course of 212 km.
For the occasion, the council has approved a loan of 50 thousand euro, to turn the event into a great marketing opportunity for the entire territory of the Sorrento peninsula.
“The Giro is an extraordinary media event by which the images and the name of our land will be conveyed by the mainstream media – the mayor of Sorrento, Giuseppe Cuomo – The Tour of Italy coincides with the beginning of the first part the tourist season, and we hope it will be the driving force for a great shot. ”
The event, as well as draw in Sorrento thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts, will also feature a number of times, such as themed competitions which will also involve the city schools.
“At the Council Hall will also be an exhibition of historical bicycles, pink jerseys, photos and films from the past – says the commissioner to Events, Mario Gargiulo – will also be exposed to the Trophy Without End, now housed at the Museum of Cycling in New York. “


Marathon sea and mountains 2013

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Great news for the fourteenth edition of the now famous International Half Marathon Mare Monti, who for years has excited the athletes, leading them along a path of extraordinary scenic beauty. This year departure and arrival will be from Sorrento, with the turning point in Sorrento, where you will enjoy the beautiful view of the island of Capri. And ‘the case to say “run numerous!”



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It ‘s the Campania, the Italian region with the largest number of structures within the eleventh edition of the award-winning Travelers’ Choice Hotel Awards, sponsored by the travel review site TripAdvisor. 24 the excellence of hospitality that have secured awards in various categories.

Sorrento Hotels in the top 25 of the Italian “Best Hotel”.
“For the eleventh consecutive year, the awards recognize the crème among the hotels around the world, according to the judgments of those who really matters, the travelers themselves – said Lorenzo Brufani, TripAdvisor spokesperson for Italy – Again Italian hospitality has proved its worth. ”