Event Time: No time set / Event Location: Sorrento, IT

The Universe of Dalì

The eccentric and unique artist Salvator Dali’ exhibition reaches Sorrento: Spanish painter, sculptor, writer, moviemaker and designer. The famous sculptures “The Profile of the Time”, “The Cosmic Elephant” and “The Woman among the Flames” with other one hundred works will be held in the suggestive location of Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento from June 14th till September 29th 2013. After the Venice stop, The Dalì Universe, will land to Sorrento and will let you admire a vast series of works: drawings, decorated books, bronze sculptures and objects of design. The exhibition, looked after by Beniamino Levi, will be organized from May 28th and two weeks long it will be open just for the schoolchildren coming from Campania. Besides some monumental statues will be exposed in the main Sorrento squares. The famous sculpture “The Profile of the Time” will be in Andrea Veniero Square while in Angelina Lauro Square you will can be admired a bronze of Tersicore, tall more than three meters, and in Sant’Antonino Square will be the sculpture “The Snail and the Angel“.