Event Time: No time set / Event Location: Sorrento, IT

Sorrento and the whole Peninsula celebrate the craziest party of the year: the Carnival of entertainment and fun with: masquerade balls, music, floats, parades, festivals, confetti, games attracting large and especially children.
Each municipality organizes events related to the celebration of Carnival, every country is colored with joy and fun.
Do not miss the parade of floats of Carnival Terms village of Sorrento, where the streets of downtown light up party for the parade of floats designed and months before the inhabitants of the Terms and villages of Sorrento.
After the parade, in Piazza Santa Croce in Termini, is the festival of Cicerchia with music, masks and tasting of traditional food products.
Chickling from which it takes its name from the festival are tasty chickpeas at the festival are prepared according to the ancient tradition of Neapolitan cuisine: the salad, dressed with oil and lemon, potatoes and pasta.
From the culinary point of view and the Sorrento peninsula will captivate you with local delicacies of this period between which the chatter of Carnival, the Carnival of pizza, the crackers, lasagna and sfogliatelle !!!!