Event Time: No time set / Event Location: Sorrento, IT

On 6 May, Sorrento will host the third stage of the Tour of Italy, the city of Tasso lead runners Ascea Marina, engaging in a course of 212 km.
For the occasion, the council has approved a loan of 50 thousand euro, to turn the event into a great marketing opportunity for the entire territory of the Sorrento peninsula.
“The Giro is an extraordinary media event by which the images and the name of our land will be conveyed by the mainstream media – the mayor of Sorrento, Giuseppe Cuomo – The Tour of Italy coincides with the beginning of the first part the tourist season, and we hope it will be the driving force for a great shot. ”
The event, as well as draw in Sorrento thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts, will also feature a number of times, such as themed competitions which will also involve the city schools.
“At the Council Hall will also be an exhibition of historical bicycles, pink jerseys, photos and films from the past – says the commissioner to Events, Mario Gargiulo – will also be exposed to the Trophy Without End, now housed at the Museum of Cycling in New York. “